Scraproll jackpot event

Private Scraproll jackpot event 2.2.0


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haggbart submitted a new resource:

Scraproll jackpot event - Spice up your server with a new event where players may bet scrap to win the jackpot

The math behind the event is simple and fair, your chance to win depends on your bet: If you own 5% of the tickets, your chance of winning is 5%. 1 scrap = 1 ticket. Given enough games, winnings will equal losses.

To start initiate a scraproll, type /gamble <amount>
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Status of the scraproll updates at regular intervals (example from live server)
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To increase your gamle, type /gamble <amount> again
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i would pay the double price when you add the option to gamble more items with skin id.


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i love it.

but i have 2 wishes - and i guess this would increase everybodies experience and your sales at least :D

please add a auto-jackpot with timer and set amount of scrap that server rolls out.
if not possible, or in addition, please make a option for a minimum amount to start a gamble. its no problem to go in with 1 scrap, but players should not be able to spam chat every minute for 10 minutes with 1 scrap investment.