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RaffleTickets - Reward players for being online by running raffle ticket events

This plugin might help you keep players online on your server for longer.
At every configurable interval, players are rewarded a raffle ticket that increases their chance to win the raffle event.

The winner is finally announced ingame and on discord:



The leaderboard can be checked anytime ingame and will be announced at discord at configurable interval:

Ingame (with rank)


Player rewarded with a raffle ticket

Enable discord

To enable the discord feature you need a second plugin:
and insert webhook url in the config file which is easy and quick to set up:

Chat commands
  • /leaderboard - display current leaderboard, players rank and announce to discord (if past cooldown).
  • /raffle - see the amount of tickets you currently have
Rcon commands
  • raffle.winner - announces the winner ingame and discord, also resets tickets for all players
  • raffle.reset - resets tickets for all players

  "NumberOfWinners": 2,
  "MinutesBetweenRewards": 30,
  "SecondsBetweenWinners": 10,
  "MinutesBetweenDiscordAnnouncements": 60,
  "WebhookUrl": ""
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